How Does One Become An Empty Nester?

How do you become an empty nester?  My answer?  No idea!  But the answer seems to depend on who you ask.  One person might say that a child leaves a house as a natural course of progression.  Perhaps they went off to college and wanted to live on their own during that adventure.  Or maybe they’re done with college, got their dream job and are finally ready for a place of their own.  If you ask a grown child they might answer that they moved out because they were sick of living with their parents rules or maybe they were forced out.

If you ask our 5 year old grandson, Jaxon, everyone moved out because our house is boring.  HAHA (Interesting that he lives in the house next door to ours and we can never seem to get him to leave…must be real boring.)

Regardless of the reason, we are finally empty nesters.  At least, for the foreseeable future.

This, however, is not our first run at being empty nesters.  We had the potential to be empty nesters when I was 39 (Jeff 38) as our youngest turned 18 and ran off to be all grown up in her own place.  But alas, life never goes exactly how you think and therefore we’ve had a number of grown children (and grandchildren) living with us on and off for the past 5-1/2 years.

It seems they might actually all be gone now.  The kids range in age from 22 – 30 and seem to have a better handle on adult life now, so it’s possible THIS. IS. IT.  An empty nest.  FINALLY.

So what’s next?  We’ve been asking ourselves this question on and off the last few years.  We intend to make this next stage of our lives really count as we navigate through having an empty nest, being the best grandparents we can be and traveling the country in our camper.  We hope you’ll join us on our adventures.

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