Choosing Our Name

It’s Friday, April 6th and we are in full-on “let’s go camping” mode.  The problem?  It’s April 6th and we live in North Dakota.  A cold and frigid state where you can’t plant your flowers outside safely until the 3rd week of May or you risk frost at night.  Our predicament is that the kids are all out of the house and it’s cold outside (with lots of snow) so we can’t move into the campers and head down the road.  Yes I said campers as in plural, but that’s for another blog post.

We are definitely not bored though.  We’re planning to document our RV/camper life for the next few years and share it with anyone interested and that means…….figuring out how to do that.  LOL

We picked a name.  If you’re wondering if this entire blog post is about picking a name, the answer is yes.  This is more difficult than one might think because you want to think long-term.  Ask yourself questions like “What do I plan on doing with this name?”, “What will my brand look like?”, “Will I need a website?” and “Which social media platforms will I use?”  It was important for us to consider what kind of information or content we were going to share and have a name that makes sense.  And you want to be careful not to answer these questions in the “here and now” because things could change and you could wind up wanting or needing to use that name for more and if you haven’t planned it out in advance, your name might be being used by someone somewhere else.

Here’s how we did it.  We thought about the things we’ll be sharing….we’re empty nesters, love to camp, enjoy traveling, intend to live in our campers part time and have 3 young grandsons.  We initially began with names that centered around RVing and camping, but nothing that focused on those two things felt quite right.  I mean, it’s not as if we’re one of those couples who sold everything and moved into our travel trailer.  The more we thought about what trips look like when we’re traveling we really started to like words like adventures and escapades and, yes, antics.  We also liked empty nest because it really says it all.  For us an empty nest means the kids are self sufficient, we are alone and have a little extra money in our pocket (when we’re not spending it on the grandbabies) and finally get to do some things just for us without considering what everyone else has going on.  And WE ARE EXCITED about that.  It didn’t take long and we knew empty nest had to be in our name, but “adventures” sounded very Huckleberry Finn meets rock climbing which is not really us and “escapades” sounded a little bank heist-y.  So we settled on “antics”.  Empty Nest Antics.

In the meantime, while we were muddling through these different possibility we continually checked to see if whatever name we were leaning towards was available for use as a domain name and also on the main social media sites. I found a free website called that was a huge help with this.  You simply enter a name you’re thinking of and it let’s you know if the domain name is available and also if it’s already being used on any social media sites.


Once we came up with a name that satisfied us AND was available as a domain name and on most social media sites, we proceeded to set up our wordpress account and register our domain name.  Then we registered on every social media platform we could think of that we might possibly use in the future.  No one’s going to be using OUR name.  HAHA

The reason I’m sharing this really strange, seemingly mind-numbing process is because while we were going through this it occurred to me that not everyone would have had the same experiences we’ve had in life and some may not know that there can be more to choosing a name than simply thinking of something you like.  Things change over time and you (or we) may find ourselves at a later date trying to market our name and so you want to make sure it’s just right (and that it’s not taken by already by others).

My first choice for a name???  RV Life Herbed.  I thought it sounded like we enjoyed traveling and had some flavor in our lives.  Jeff said it sounded like we’re hanging in a camper smoking weed all the time.  ROFLMBO

Next up:  We need a logo!  I’ll let you know how that goes as well, but if anyone has any suggestions on coming up with a simple yet remarkable one, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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