Disappointing Mud!

This weekend we hauled everything out of our basement that goes into the Micro Lite camper and headed over to where she’s been parked all winter.  The idea was that even though it’s still only 32° out and we are at least a 16 – 20 hour drive from anywhere that’s 60° or better we could, at least, get her opened up.

This is easily one of my favorite processes of the year.  Every year when we close up a camper we’re usually excited for the fall and we’re anxious to be at home and preparing for the holidays.  Additionally, our work keeps us very busy in the fall through the beginning of every new year.  So we settle in, enjoy fall with our grandkids, tidy up the house and get ready for the holidays and those first few wonderful snow falls.  But by the time the new year rolls around we miss our camper(s) like we’d miss family that had been away for 2+ months.  Plus we’re totally over the snow falls by then.  LOL

Of course, in January we still have 4-5 months before we’re moving back into campers.  It’s such a long awaited reunion because I always worry so much about how they’ve been all winter.  We start wondering if we did a good job winterizing.  I also spend a lot of time hoping I cleaned well enough that any mice that may get in won’t have a reason to stay.  And our Keystone Residence is an hour away in an RV park so torrential snow fall and high winds can get the better of your imagination.

At the end of the day we wound up not even getting into the camper because the mud was so bad we just sunk with every single step.

Turtle in the Mud 2

I wasn’t excited about walking into our camper cover in mud if we didn’t have to.  And let’s face it…we didn’t have to (even if we really really wanted to).  HAHA

So instead of spending our weekend opening up the camper, cleaning and piling our camping things inside, we decided to have a blast with grandkids and visited Jurassic Quest with our 5 year old grandson and then Splashers of the South Seas with our 2 year old grandson.  During both we got some great footage (of the mud too) and just finished editing footage to post our very first YouTube video.  Check it out here:

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