Cool…and Scary

Our newest adventure of part-time RV (camper) living and being empty nesters and attempting to document this chapter of our lives has really made me think long and hard about things I really haven’t thought about before.  At least, not to any real depth.  Oddly I’m surprised by how much time I spend wondering what other people are thinking and also wondering how soon before every person I know is annoyed that I always have the camera on.  HAHA  Let me begin by pointing out a couple things.

First, we are not rich.  We are not moving into a camper that costs as much as a house and traveling the country with no worries at all.  Nor are we destitute.  We are not moving into a camper of any specific size or monetary value because we have to.  We haven’t even made the leap in full yet and already I find that these are the thoughts people blurt out when they find out.  The ones who are quiet are the ones who don’t know us well and are most likely the ones who think we’re down on our luck.  The people who do know us well and know our love of camping think it’s “sooo cool” and “they wish they could do it”.

Second, all of this is……..scary.  HAHA   At least for us it is.  We typically take the safe route where possible and fall in line with whatever is considered the “norm”.  Fear is a fantastic motivator though.  We spend our spare time making sure we have all the important stuff in place (and making sure we can afford whatever it is we’re doing here – to be determined).  For instance, we have a dog named Doogle.  He is 13+ years old and he is not nice sometimes.  A few years back when he was around six we had some mean neighbor kids start taunting him through our fence and after a summer of that, he was a changed dog.  When he becomes frightened he becomes aggressive and this makes for a not-so-great traveling companion.  Thankfully he can be with us most of the time but when we are legitimately traveling he will hang out with his human grandma or with one of our daughters.  Another thing is that we both work from home full time and we’re on video conference calls on our computers throughout the day every day.  Not having reliable internet service is a total deal breaker for us and we’re still working on this piece.  Our company-issued computers require us to connect through VPN and our computers hotspot connectivity is deactivated for security purposes.  We can connect to wifi but can’t connect using a hotspot (we’ve attempted several).  So we need to figure out how we can be on the road AND connect via hardline or wifi.

The fear factor involved is daily.  Most of the things we want to do and never do is because of money and/or fear.  We are just starting so we don’t have much content yet and every day I’m already thinking “is the new youtube video good enough” or “how boring are my blog posts” or “is the short content we’re adding to facebook actually value-added for anyone following”.  I really want to share our story and I want to do it in an artistic way or, at least, in an inspirational way.  I want it to be…good.  Our family is incredibly supportive and if you knew my family you’d understand why I state that with a little surprise.  LOL

While it hasn’t even begun unfolding yet, we really do think we have new friends to make, a story to tell and learnings to share so I hope anyone reading this will bare with us while we learn in this creative environment.  And guess what?!  We agree with the people who think it’s “sooo cool”!

P.S.  If any of you know how we can travel AND be hardlined into internet, we’d love to hear from you!

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