Hydrating While Camping

The thing about RVing is that it really does force you to evaluate things you may have grown up taking for granted.  Your gray water and black water tanks are probably the first thing that come to mind.  We became estutely aware of how much water we use when we shower, flush toilets, do dishes, etc. And then figuring out where all that waste goes is a whole other thing.  Then we became aware of how much we rely on electricity.  Everything needs charged, lights, the fridge.  Everything we’ve come across that created awareness for me or forced me to re-evaluate my behaviors I feel like I’ve gotten “down” with pretty easily.  But there’s this one thing I’m still struggling with 4 years in……Fresh Water.

There’s something about filling that tank and then drinking water out of it that I just haven’t been able to do. I think part of it is that I can’t see it.  It certainly isn’t about taste because I haven’t even tried it.  LOL  I can see the water in my cup, but I can’t see the inside of the freshwater tank and I. Don’t. Like. It.  HAHA  Mostly it’s not that big of a deal.  We fill gallons of water that we use for cooking and making coffee and we fill a 10 gallon jug that we use for refilling our travel cups full of water.

Here’s the thing – I know I’m a little off my rocker on this one.  I drink water out of taps and I can’t see where that comes from either.  If I could even get a look inside the 109 year pipe that delivers the water to my faucet in my house I would probably lose it and that doesn’t include knowing or seeing the entire process of our city getting and cleaning the water before it gets to my old house. I seriously don’t know what my problem is though I think one of the things that deters me is that our water at the lake smells like rotten eggs.  Even if I could see the tank and it was crystal clear/clean I don’t think I could drink it.  I can barely brush my teeth with it.

So I’ve spent some time trying to figure out how I can get over this.  We’ve added filters at the lake but the rotten eggs smell is still there. I got some freshwater tank additive that’s supposed to help keep the tank clean and your water fresh, but I’m just seriously struggling with wrapping my brain around this.  I’ve heard some people say they fill their fresh water tank and add flavoring to their cup, like kool-aid, etc. so they can cover any taste they don’t like and still stay hydrated but we’re not really the kool-aid type.  Our drinks are pretty simple – plain old water, coffee and the occasional adult beverage (usually beer or wine).

With all that said, for now I’m going to keep traveling in our 10 gallon jug cooler.  If any of you have any suggestions that you think would help me get over this I’d love to read them.  Also, any suggestions on getting rid of that rotten egg smell would be greatly appreciated.  LOL

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