Home Base Advantages?

Jeff and I often discuss the disadvantages of having two campers we love to be in, but still having a home base.  Having a home base means extra.  Extra work, extra maintenance, extra cost.  But it also means extra memories and extra fun. Here are our top 7 reasons for not going full time in our travel trailers.

  1. Holidays – I can’t even imagine Christmas without my kids and grandkids. Thanksgiving isn’t far behind in the unimaginable realm. And then there’s the time in between and surrounding those holidays. For me, I love closing up the campers for the winter and spending fall with the little ones…pumpkin patches, corn mazes, dinosaur and llama costumes, haunted houses and trick or treating kick it off and when that’s all over we bunker down preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This also happens to be a really busy time of year for us at work as well so the time flies by. The down side? About a week after New Years Eve I’m ready to be back in the camper but I’m trapped in North Dakota under six feet of snow!!!! And trust me, it ain’t melting until May!
  2. The grandkids – I can’t get enough of these boys. There isn’t much more to say than that. LOL. These kids make me smile and bring me true joy just from their existence. I figure eventually they will be too cool to hang out with grandma and grandpa but for now I’m gonna to drink it up while it lasts. 

  3. The swimming pool – This one’s a no brainer.  First of all, this falls in line with #2.  The grandkids love to hang out in the pool and whatever gets me more time with them, I’ll take.  Second of all, we have REEAALLLLLY long winters in North Dakota so as soon as it’s possible to get the pool up, it’s up.  And, honestly, we use an above ground pool that has to be assembled each summer and taken down when we’re done with it and it has no heater, so the number of weeks we can even use it is limited.  We have to have 80° days here pretty steady for the pool to stay warm enough to be fun.  But for those 6 weeks it’s up and being used, we make a lot of memories.img_2072
  4. Gardening – I discovered my love of gardening many years ago, one successful planting after another. Being able to grow your own food is really astonishing when you think about it. This tiny seed that becomes an unruly tomato or cucumber plant that produces dozens of delicious fruits or veggies to nourish you. I am proud to be giving the grandkids the experience of growing, nurturing and picking things we eat as well. 

  5. Canning – I absolutely love canning.  I don’t think it’s the actual act of canning as much as it is a sense of great satisfaction that comes from what goes into the whole process prior to canning. The gardening, of course, but also the visiting with old friends and making trades (thanks Bobby and Val!) – your extras for their extras. Canning wouldn’t be impossible in a camper but it certainly isn’t the most desirable location to can, at least for me. Kudos to all of you I’ve met who DO can in your camper. 

  6. Baking – I don’t necessarily love baking.  I don’t do it often, but I really miss doing it when I’m unable.  In particular, cakes on birthdays, cookies on a whim, pies during the holidays or even the annual apple pies in August when I finally get the apples picked off the tree.img_2432
  7. Work – We both work from home for the same company. We’re required to have internet hard lined meaning Wifi isn’t an option. It can be used in one off circumstances but should be the exception rather than the rule. Seems like a weird rule, huh? I’m literally in video chat meetings all day so having a reliable connection is definitely important. For now this limits how long we can stay on the road. We are proud of our careers so far and I suspect this journey isn’t over so who knows what’s to come regarding work but for now, hard lined it is.

I think at the end of the day it just boils down to “we’re not ready”.  We’re not ready to change jobs or careers.  We’re not ready to give up gardening or having access to a pool or canning/baking all those things I grow.  And Jeff might add a #8 to this list because he loves gaming and it would be impossible for him to bring his armies on the road (not enough space). And we’re definitely not ready to leave the grandkids.

But…. someday.

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