Campground Noise???

I’m about to talk about a controversial subject here…noise in campgrounds. I’m part of several social media groups geared towards RVers and I love seeing the remodeled rigs, the funny camping memes, the camp food pics and the tips everyone offers as well as advice. But every once in a while someone mentions noise. A barking dog or a screaming kid or an adult playing their choice of music too loud. They most commonly ask “How do other people deal with these situations?”……and then the asinine responses begin.  HAHA

For me, I stay out of these conversations. Partly because I wonder how they deal with those situations at home if they have to ask for advice on the subject in a campground.  It begs the question of “How on earth are you adulting?”  But that’s my sarcastic jerk rearing it’s ugly head.  Mostly I stay out of it because they become hilariously salty. Just really think about the subject for a second. How many houses are on your block at home? There are 7 on mine and then there’s 4 houses plus a small apartment building across the street. Let’s stick with the houses to keep this simple. So we have 11 houses. All are filled with adults, kids, babies, dogs, cats…you get the picture. It’s not quiet. Sometimes maybe, but not always. This block is full of life and people living it! Exactly how it should be in my opinion.  Now let’s say all 11 households have a camper and they all go camping at the same campground. Does anyone reading this think that these 11 campers will have more space in between them or less than they have in the suburbs? HAHA

People leave the city or the suburbs in mini houses to be packed into a campground like sardines in a can and then complain that it’s not quiet and peaceful.

Don’t get me wrong – I do this too!  At least the part about leaving the city to be packed into a campground like sardines.  But I don’t complain about noise.  Honestly, I think it’s to be expected.  Most of the time we are traveling, seeking out new sights and small adventures.  I’ve learned that tons of research can land me in campgrounds where we have plenty of space to enjoy peace and quiet.  In our area, state parks are fantastic for this.  They typically only have water & electric hookups (some only electric), but they know people want some space and to enjoy nature.  State parks rely on donations and state funding whereas a campground owner relies on actual income from campers.  When you’re dealing with a privately owned campground or resort and you want nice grounds, full hookups, playgrounds, fun things for your family to do, maybe even a swimming pool, then you have to expect that you won’t have much privacy or sound barrier happening.

The simple solution is that we all have reasonable expectations. I will continue to have the reasonable expectation that if I stay at a campground I may encounter some offensive noise as well as the fact that if I stay part of these RV groups I will occasionally come across more stories/complaints about noise. I will just skip to the next subject. 😉

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