Do You Lock The Camper Door When Camping?

This topic comes up often.  EverySingleNight.  At least, every single night we’re in one of our travel trailers, which is a lot.  I don’t like the door shut, nonetheless locked!  HAHA  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think the camper door should be locked when it’s parked.  When we’re not in it, it’s parked in a driveway off of an alley.  I’m not interested in tempting people to steal stuff or cop a squat by leaving it unlocked all the time.

But when I’m camping????  That’s a whole different story.  Jeff and I usually agree that if we physically drive away from our camper, we shut and lock the door to the camper.  Campers are relatively easy to break into but, again, just trying to deter people by removing temptation.  During the day, while we’re at the campsite or even if we’re hiking, exporing, etc., we typically have the door unlocked and maybe even open.  Then at night is where we wind up disagreeing.  Jeff feels like he’s in a house and wants the door locked.  I think for privacy but also for safety.  My argument is that we camped for years in a tent and didn’t have a door to lock so why are we so concerned about it now?

And really the reason it bothers me is that I may be in a camper, but I still want to hear and smell and see everything I would be able to if I were in a tent so I usually have the doors and windows open.  Weather permitting, I want the breeze.  I want to hear the birds, frogs, crickets, coyotes, turkeys, etc. I don’t even lower the blinds or black out windows without shades. When the sun comes up I want to know it. I want to see the sun rise. I want the experience to be as close to tent camping as possible. With all the heavenly comforts of a travel trailer, of course. ROFL

To be honest, Jeff doesn’t really make an argument normally but he doesn’t approve.  I know that there are a ton of reasons.  Our personal safety is one.  And I totally get that we’re not in a tent.  We’re in a camper.  And being in a camper can insinuate we have “things” and I suppose that could prompt someone who wouldn’t try entering our tent to try to come into our travel trailer. I’m willing to take the chance….plus I keep my pepper spray close by.

In the meantime, I’m becoming more and more curious about what others think about this and what their “practices” are.  I can’t really walk around a campground at night looking.  I’d need a flashnight.  And that would look creepy.  LOL

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3 Replies to “Do You Lock The Camper Door When Camping?”

  1. We are full-timers, so my outlook may be a little different. I love the ‘camping’ part of it–the fresh air, campfires, nature sounds etc. At night, though, we do lock up. I grew up in a rural community where we didn’t lock our doors, my parents kept their keys in the car, and we didn’t think about break ins or physical assaults. Nowadays, though–as much as we WANT to trust others and as safe as we may feel, anything can happen–even in the tranquility of nature. We have the door and windows open during the day, but we do lock up at night (with bedroom windows open if weather agrees).

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    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s great to read a different perspective! I actually was thinking that when we finally go full time I may feel differently. It will feel more like a house probably and I imagine we might have longer stays in the same place here and there. We will have more valuables with us as well. You are definitely right when you remarked anything can happen. Thanks again!

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  2. I have a turtle key chain just like that! And yes we do. We belong to thousand trails which is mostly member only, but I just never know…


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