How Do You Keep From Being Those People Who Are Busy Making Plans???

One day we’ll be hitting the road full time, but that day is several years away for us.  The reasons why are a whole other blog (or maybe better in our vlog), but we’re not waiting for it.  What I mean when I say we’re not “waiting” is we have plans but we’re not spending all our time planning and waiting when we should be living.  In fact, the whole reason we’re “waiting” is BECAUSE we’re living.  If that makes sense???

More than once we’ve been asked why we don’t just do it. Why don’t we just hit the road full time. We also hear little quips like “life is what’s happening while you’re busy making plans”.  I think this can be true.  I definitely don’t want it to be true for me, especially since I’m well aware that planning can become a type of procrastination.  But for us, there are things we need to be doing now. Things we WANT to be doing now. And those things keep us from the things we’re planning.

Just like everyone else who’s ever tried to live out their dreams, we have some things that could hold us up from going on the road full-time.  For instance, while we both work from home, our jobs aren’t work-from-the-road friendly. We also have a house we’ll have to figure out. Now while those things could slow us down and definitely have to be considered, they aren’t stopping us by any stretch of the imagination. We already know there are other jobs out there and we can sell our house or AirBnB it.

So what holds us back from going on the road full time?

Our grandbabies.

These little guys will only be young for a short period of time.  Anyone who’s raised kids or watched kids or grandkids grow knows that the years go by faster and faster.  My kids are grown and it seems like yesterday that my first grandson was born, but he’s 6-1/2 now and I swear I can’t tell you where the time went or how blown away I am that 6 years has passed already.  Now there’s a 3-1/2 year old, an almost 2 year old and our first granddaughter is coming in May.

The house next door to ours is a rental and Jaxon and Benny live on the main floor full-time with their mom and Captain lives upstairs half-time with his dad.  In other words, they are CLOSE.  They come over whenever they want and we see then however much we want.  I don’t have to wait on word of what’s going on or scroll down my facebook page hoping to catch a glimpse of our grandchildrens days or activities because all I have to do is look out our big front room windows and I can see Benny getting in the car with his gram to go hang out for the day, or Jaxon on his way to school. I don’t get to hear about Captain catching snowflakes on his tongue, playing with his new toys outside on a nice Spring day or how high he flies in the air when his dad jumps on the trampoline with him.  I don’t get to hear about it because I get to SEE it.   I also get to do those things with them.  I get to love them and build an unbreakable bond that they will carry with them for their lifetime.

I don’t want to show up once or twice or even three times a year. I don’t want them to know “vacationing” grandpa and grandma. I want them to really know us. I want them to know my routine and develop and relationship and bond that shows them that family is important and they stay together when they can. And we can, so we will.

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