About Us

We are Jeff Smith and Laura Aldridge and have recently become empty nesters.  Together (with their dad and stepmom, my mom, daycare providers, teachers, friends, law enforcement, neighbors and a few random good citizens) we have successfully raised two daughters.  And by “successful”, I mean that they are all out of the house, are still alive and have jobs that won’t get them arrested.  HAHA

All joking aside, it really does take a village and we are soooo proud of our kids.  And we’ve been incredibly lucky to watch our family grow.  I had Mariah in May of 1992 and Ayleanna in September of 1995.  Ally came into our lives when she was pregnant with her son, Jaxon, by way of our oldest daughter, Mariah.  Jaxon became our first grandbaby (and the spoiling shows) and she’s given us another one as well…Benny, who is just the cutest, smartest, sweetest little one year old ever.  Malachi came into our lives by way of our youngest daughter, Ayleanna.  Together they gave us our 2nd grandson and named him Captain (2-1/2).  And as my Aunt Katherine so wisely once said “He is the Captain of our hearts.”