START LIST – STOCKING YOUR CAMPER (in no particular order)

Blankets (you can’t have too many of these)
Bath mat
Bath towels
Non-slip mat for shower/tub
Dish towels
Travel mugs
Water bottles
Food storage containers
Ziploc baggies
Cooking utensils
Cutting board
Pizza stone
Fridge braces
Stack a plate
Remote control holder
Knife safe
Plastic bag dispenser
Adjustable drink holders
Waffle iron (anything in a Pillsbury “tube” (or any other brand) in the refrigerator aisle can be cooked in these and they’re all amazing
Oven Mitts
Can opener
Hand mixer
Bottle opener
Tylenol, Advil, etc.
Daily vitamins or medications
Boot tray (these are great for dirty shoes and also to keep bowls of pet food and water contained)
Phone Chargers
Broom & dustpan
Small Garbage can
Mosquito net
Small furnace intake screen
Surge Protector
Pepper spray
Garbage bags (we reuse grocery store bags)
First Aid Kid
Sewing Kit
Dish drainer
Cutlery tray
Ice cube trays
Tablecloth clamps
Body Washes
Face Wash
Shaving Razors/Products
Blow dryer
Poufs or washcloth
Face lotion
Hand soap
Makeup (At least concealer & mascara – trust me on this one if you’re traveling a lot)
Nail polish & remover (I seem to never have time to paint my toenails normally, but plenty of time when traveling)
Nail clippers
Toilet tissue
Feminine Hygiene Products
Lysol wipes
Toilet bowl cleaner
Toilet brush
TST holding tank chemical
Oxygenics shower head
Bottle for shower cleaner
Squeegee for shower (easier for everyone to squeegee after they shower than to try to clean the shower often)
Paper towels
Dish Soap
Laundry soap
Laundry softener
Bug spray
Bug killer
Fly swatter
Electric dogbones
Non-slip shelf liners
Leveling blocks
Wheel chocks
Dump Hose
Disposable gloves
Stinky slinky holder
Fresh Water Hose
Extension cords
Water filter
Water pressure regulator
Screen door cross bar
Propane gas fire pit
Step brace
Travel table
Scrub brush w/long broom handle


Spiral anchor tie out ring
Tie Out Cable
Pet poop bags
Pet food
Pet bed
Daily pet medications
Litter box
Extra litter
Litter scoop


Battery Powered Drill
3/4″ extended socket (for stablizer jacks, fairly standard)
1-1/16 socket (for hot water heater drain, fairly standard)
Standard and metric 3/8″ drive socket set
4-way tire iron
Tape Measure
Screw driver bit set
Digital tire pressure gauge
Jack for Camper
Big wrenches for hitch
T Level
Water bandit


Refrigerator bars Fridge braces Water bandit
Cupboard bars Stack-a-plate (Never used, got rid of it) T Level
Outdoor mat (black rubber with teeth that grab dirt before you walk in camper, easily sprayed off Remote control holder (Never used, put them in side drawers) Step brace (Depending on distance from the bottom step to the ground, we’re usually too low or too high to use it even though it’s adjustable by a couple inches)
Travel chairs Knife Safe (Never used, got rid of it) Travel table
110 – 30 amp dogbone Mosquito net Clothesline (Got one of those that is like a bungee cord and has clips that lock in place attached to it.  It doesn’t take up much space and we don’t use it a lot, but it is super handy to have in rainy weather or to dry laundered items on extended trips or when swimming is involved)
50 – 30 amp dogbone Plastic bag dispenser or pop-a-bag hanger Outdoor tablecloth & clamps (Some picnic tables you come across are really gross and these items are helpful in those situations.)
Non-slip shelf liners (the rubbery contact brand works miracles at keeping things in place for the most part.  My shelves are all lined and I use plate-sized squares in between layers of plates and even pots and pans) Adjustable drink holders Scrub brush with long broom handle, long enough to use on camper if needed
Drinking water freshener (Keeps fresh water fresh even though we don’t drink it) Camco 43571 Bamboo Universal Silent Top Cutting Board (Excellent for the right stovetop, but it doesn’t work in ours) Pizza stone (tiny ovens mean really uneven heating and lots of burned food, but a simple pizza stone in the over ensures even heat and has been a real game changer for us)
Leveling Blocks Small furnace intake screen (Supposed to help keep bugs out, but we haven’t had an issue so never purchased one)  
Wheel Chocks Surge Protector (haven’t bought one yet, but thinking this will move over to the “use all the time” section when we get one)  
Dump Hose    
Fresh Water Hose    
Extension Cords    
Water Filter (Important to many but we don’t use our fresh water tank for drinking or cooking.  We do, however, use it still to remove minerals that will stain or make the water smell)    
Water pressure regulator    
TST holding tank chemical    
Oxygenics shower head (LOVE – forces air through the shower head as well as water so you get high pressure which helps in locations where water pressure is really poor)    
Screen door cross bar (This makes closing your screen so much easier and keeps fingers from eventually going through screens)    
Spiral anchor tie-out with ring and tie-out cable (Essential if pets are traveling with you)    


Bucket (Comes in handy more than you’d think.  I keep ours under the sink and it’s where I store cleaning supplies while we travel)    
Trash can (We use a small one and empty it every day – this way it fits easily in cabinets or on the counter)    
Propane gas fire pit (We use this so much more than we thought we would.  So many times we come across fire bans or get somewhere and find out we can’t use our wood or that they don’t have any for sale)    
Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (You should always be checking all your tires pressure to help avoid blow outs)    
TV anchor (Our camper came with one)    
Disposable gloves (used for emptying black & gray tanks)    
Stinky Slinky Holder (The large slinky looking hose that is used for emptying your black tank is often to referred to as a stinky slinky.  We love the foldable ramp that holds it up so everything drains just right with no problems.)    
Jack for Camper (Still don’t have one, but this is one of those things where you don’t need it until you REALLY need it)    
Big wrenches (Again with these, still don’t have but in the event of hitch issues we’re going to wish we did)