Lake Camp

Lake Camp almost just sort of “happened” for us.  We spent many years camping all summer long in our local state parks and as we entered our late 30’s we would occasionally (jokingly) talk about how nice it would be to have a bed.  A bathroom wouldn’t suck either, especially for me with my thirty-some year old bladder that forced me to make my way through the dark in the middle of the night to find a vault toilet or outhouse.   Then in 2014, a couple we knew at work listed an old 1988 Prowler.  It was a 5th wheel, which we had no way to pull, but it was set up in a seasonal site about 50 minutes from our house in an RV campground right on a small lake.  There was already a storage shed and a deck built next to it and the price was so right that we thought it would be a great way to see if we still love camping when we’re in a camper instead of a tent.

Prowler 1
1988 Prowler (The Hoopdie)

We spent two summers in The Hoopdie.  And while it will always hold a special place in our hearts as our first camper, it had to go.  LOL  It was so small and we had grown kids and one grandson at the time.  It only slept 4 comfortably and then you could get a person or two on the dining table but it was short so only kids or really short people fit (we are not a really short people kinda family).  After two summers we knew were were staying, but needed something bigger for our family.  So in February 2016 we bought a brand new hold-over 2015 Keystone Residence 406fb.


After desperately awaiting the snow melt in April (and cleaning out the camper and tearing apart the attached shed and deck so it could be moved) our new camper was finally delivered the first weekend in May and we have been thoroughly enjoying all it’s space with our entire family ever since.

Upgrade Construction 4

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